Crackling Carignane Release

On February 4th our very first Crackling Carignane will be released, along with the 2015 Hers Vermentino.

In harvest of 2013 the press rained magenta. It was beautiful. The juice was a 24 hour cold soak Carignane from old vines in Mendocino. It was destined for our first Crackling. What is this, you ask? Crackling is the U.S. term for Petillant or lightly sparkling. You may have heard of Petillant Naturel or “PetNat”, but what’s better than the good old-fashioned American Crackling! The wine is playful and delicious. So playful and delicious in fact that this is available only in magnum. Designed to be consumed with friends or loved ones, while eating a pizza or playing your favorite board game. The lyrics of Neil Diamond’s Cracklin’ Rosie comes to mind:

Oh I love you my Rosie child –
You got the way to make me happy.
You and me, we go in style…
Cracklin’ Rose your a store bought woman
You make me sing like a guitar hummin’… 

Accompanying the Crackling Carignane this release is the 2015 ‘Hers’ Vermentino. I feel like I get more and more excited about this wine with each release. It’s salty and aromatic, refreshing and mouthwatering. It seems to scream for sunshine and call to springtime. I hope it makes you as happy as it does me.